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It is written in such an accessible and funny matter that anyone would surely love to have a few drinks with De Zellar and commisserate over dating woes.

What do you do when you move to a new city and can't find a job or a good man?

Possibly topping that list is Amy De Zellar, whose very funny memoir Dating Amy recounts going on 50 dates.

In Seattle (which has a notoriously bleak dating scene).

Amongst the characters that De Zellar goes on dates with include a blind man checking out other babes, a rock critic who had never heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some guy she appropriately calls "Mistakenly Swingin'".

When you start to think the book is a collection of exaggerations, you instantly remember getting phone calls from your friends late at night so they can recount the travails of evenings they can never get back.

Amy makes a number of insightful observations about the process of dating based on her experiences and I think many of them will ring true for others as well.

Her stories of the dates are interesting and wsll-told.

Guys can learn a thing or two about what not to do on a date.

Her dates range in age and income level: artists, computer developers and entrepreneurs.

She shares what she has learned about herself and the dating process with her readers.

To his credit, Chris Taylor has not spoken publicly about his relationship with Amy Winehouse.

Tyler James Tyler James first met Amy at theatre school when he was 13.

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