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Together the many chats divert us from work, speeding up time—yet look closely and you see time break down and stop.

The clusters of text are followed by time-stamps, which Google inserts whenever the conversation lags.

Madame de Rambouillet talked in bed, stretched out on a mattress, draped in furs, while her visitors remained standing.

Blue velvet lined the walls of the room, which became known as “the French Parnassus”: a model for the 17th- and 18th-century salons, where aristocratic women led male in polite and lively discussion. But conversation, in the 17th century, was a novel ideal of speech: not utilitarian instructions or religious catechism, but an exchange of ideas, a free play of wit.

For David Hume, increased conversation between men and women corresponded to “an increase of humanity, from the very habit of conversing together.” But Hume didn’t know about Gchat, which offers us so many opportunities for conversation that conversation becomes impossible.

We are distracted from chatting by chatting itself.

Previously, fabric—like Madame de Rambouillet’s velvet—had been confined to walls and clothing.

The boxes contain staccato, telegraphic exchanges, with which we are partially and intermittently engaged.Gmail saves the histories of our chats, should we ever care to look.It turns out we use the internet to talk about what other people are talking about on the internet: “Oh god please look at what she just tweeted.” “Hang on I’ll find the link.” And then there are the tactical chats—“I guess I am not that in the mood for Thai food? Mixed in with the rest, and preserved for all eternity, they assemble further evidence of our gross mortal wastefulness.Gmail made the choices for us, pulling names from our email contacts.It was like standing outside the door of a party that all your friends had been invited to. Gmail began “in beta” and by invitation only in 2004 and remained technically in beta for the next five years; it continued to feel exclusive long after everyone was using it.

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