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Tact tried to rectify this by finding out who was behind Ranpha's initial encounter and learns that someone in his likeness is going around the ship.

With the Emblem Frames generating their wings, the Angel Wing repel back an considerable portion of Eonia's fleets and upon observation from the engineering crew, the Elsior heads to Transbaal to reach the White Moon.

Prior to their departure, Milfie told Tact that Ranpha was writing a letter and thought it was her will and asked for him to check up on her.

Ranpha corrects Milfie's presumptions and simply explains that she was writing a letter back home and admits that she appreciated how worried Tact sounded when he came to check on her.

En route to Transbaal, Tact's rare occasion of eating multiple servings in his mealtime has him completely full while he prepares to relax.

Ranpha bursts into his room to feed him the boxed meal she just made and Tact was unable to keep up with her.

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