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, I'm a no problem man, one life, live life like there's no tomorrow, happy go lucky sort of guy.

I don't drink never married no children rare some would say hey! Interests include cycling I'm an easy going down to earth guy, with a GSOH and live life to full.

I’d never tried ‘regular’ speed dating, so had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Look Mum, No Hands! I imagined the whole thing could be embarrassing and awkward, and half pictured a bunch of middle-aged men in socks and sandals.

But I was surprised not only at how ‘normal’ these people were, but how good-looking, too — though maybe that was the candlelight.

I’d written half of the names next to the wrong numbers and my voice was starting to crack, but I was having fun.

My friend Duncan had come along, so when it was his turn to sit opposite me, we got to swap our experiences so far and try to make sense of our hastily scrawled notes.

Thinking about something new to talk about was surprisingly easy, from conversations about each other’s cycling, what we did for jobs, and even, with one man, his recent cycling trip to Scotland with his ex-wife.

Sometimes those three minutes were enough, sometimes too much.

“The first three years I didn’t cycle because I found it quite dangerous,” she said.

“I applied for a job as a Dutch tour guide — with London Bicycle Touring Company — then I found out how much I missed cycling; it does something to your body and your head.” Marge was keen to meet other people who cycled: “I thought there would be something like this already but when I was looking for it online I couldn’t find anything.” Marge didn’t waste any time — a month later she held her first event, in December 2013, at Look Mum, No Hands!

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There’s also the option of ticking whether you’d like to be friends with a person.

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