Dating a mommas boy

his mother does everything for him, makes his meals, does his laundry, makes his decisions for him when he's past 18.

Then you see he’s fielding phone calls from Mom at all hours of the days or night.

But there is something to be said for grown men who never moveout of their mother's homes and let their mom's run their lives,and THAT is where people see a problem Everything you have highlighted in your post are valid criticismsand reasons why most people would not want to become involvedwith such a person.

This not a prejudice, this is not a bigoted classification.

1: I live with my mother2: I help her out with things3: I moved out at one point4: Still visited and helped out often5: Moved back in to help with a cross country move Back on the other page I outline these points in the OP's pity party.

Of course, since they were not the first post here we are at this page.

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