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Contrary to what many fancy programs would have you believe, weight loss really isn’t rocket science. It’s not enough to say, “I want to lose weight.” Not-so-newsflash: The majority of Americans (69%) are overweight and more than a third are obese—a lot of those folks no doubt profess a desire to drop a few, too. “You can gain an inch of penis length for every 10 pounds you lose,” says Rovenia “Dr. Seriously, though: You need to find your own “come to Jesus” moment for weight-loss motivation, whether it’s some scary health test results, a frustration with huffing and puffing at the top of every flight of stairs, or a vanity-driven desire to get back to your college weight.And if that scale needle has crept up up up, barring a medical condition, you know how it got there: Too many burgers and fries and not enough burpees and flyes. Whatever it is, it needs to be for In most cases, your primary goal will be related to the scale.And it doesn’t mean putting foods on the no-never list, either (remember: deprivation doesn’t work). Fine, but maybe sub them once per week with a baked potato. Most people fail at weight loss because they don’t have a plan, says Brock.It means figuring out what swaps and compromises you can make without feeling totally compromised. For example, Pickert says, let’s say you have ice cream or chips every night. She recommends plotting out your menus for the week, and sticking to them as closely as you can.Still, 80 percent of losing weight is controlling what you eat.

But be realistic: Know that a one- to two-pound loss per week is what experts consider healthy and sustainable. “Not just, ‘I want to lose weight,’ or ‘I want to lose 30 pounds,’ but ‘I want to lose 30 pounds in the next six months.” Michael Pickert, MD, an internal medicine physician who himself dropped 120 pounds, suggests this calendar-based strategy: Select a date by which you would like to have a measurable loss.

That said, consistency is key, in terms of your commitment to the program.

Pickert cautions against weighing yourself too often—the number on the scale doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening in your body.

Your new aim: To subtract 500 calories from that number, by making eating and exercise changes. So by cutting down on ALL oil, you cut calories out.

No, this doesn’t necessarily mean overhauling your entire refrigerator overnight. (Pickert is a big fan of measuring the oil you use, and blotting foods of excess oil before eating.) Brock recommends meeting with a nutritionist to learn more about developing healthier ways to modify your meals—even if you end up deviating from it some, you’ll be better off than going into it blindly.

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