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These particular humans are commonly referred to as baby boomers and generation x.

The baby boomers were the largest generation on the planet earth.

So let it be written, so let it be done The epitome of a classic. Any man who wants to feel mature, respected, and inviting; wears this fragrance. If you use just a light spray on a leather coat on a cool evening it is hard to beat.

This never disappoints in terms of longevity and sillage. This stuff can be horrible if you spray a lot, just a little is the only way to wear this.

Primarily, the beloved cool weather pine notes fade into the background sooner resulting in a more leather/tobacco lean to it.

Not as deep and rich as something like Pure Havane, but more like walking into a den where owner as a shirt with an open pouch of good pipe tobacco, and a good pair of leather boots that wear well versus a well stocked tobacco store with many brands.

Baby boomers now are the second largest generation behind Millennials who call polo an old man scent.

Combine baby boomers with gen x making these two groups the majority, the majority say this is a young man scent.

Pine and Moss with a slightly dirty sweaty undercurrent perhaps from the Patchouli. This also seems to be flexible enough to wear for anything from the rugged outdoors to indoor formal events. کت و شلواری می تونه عطر امضای خوبی باشه عطرهای کلاسیک این دهه نزدیکی های زیادی در روایح به هم دارند.Online shops offers: Fragrance 8 items for 2.46 - 47.44 3 items for 25.80 - 47.95 GBPFragrance EUR 6 items for 34.71 - 108.09 EURFragrance 6 items for 40.45 - 125.99 USDStrawberry EUR 1 product for 68.50 EURView products...Polo is here for fans of beautiful, eternal things.The opening of the composition is green and fresh, made of grassy notes of artemisia, basil and thyme, with spicy notes of cumin, coriander and cloves. This fragrance has a somewhat unfairly dismal reputation where I come from because it was one of those "gateway" perfumes that boys started wearing in high school but tended to outgrow eventually.The heart is strong and masculine as conifer woods, decorated with notes of patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver. I do not know today that what he has become with this cursed Devil of IFRA !! I only encountered this well into my 30s and I found it to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Yes, you are required to have a personality to be able to pull it off and it's truly an "alpha" scent...

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