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Definitely check it out if you’re engaged, dating, or seeking wisdom for when you are.

ABOUT US is an online dating service that caters to single, Christian, and Asian men and women who are looking for love and marriage.

Banks require TONS of paperwork to convince them that you’re loan-worthy. The goal is count the cost of marriage and make sure you understand the weight of covenant. You will never be fully ready for marriage – no amount of how-tos or tips will prepare you – but you count the cost.

This guarded us from getting fixated on the external qualities of the home whilst missing bigger underlying problems.Selena and I are happy to share that we just purchased a home! Oddly, I see quite a few parallels between the two.After all, both require serious commitment, investment, time, and energy.They don’t see that love is an action and a choice long before it includes feelings of romance or attraction. She is not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body.Attraction may bring you and your future spouse together, but only love will keep you together. Your spouse’s appearance will change, but their soul is eternal.

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If that’s not you, I’m guessing you’ll know someone who might want to know. and that’s partly why we’ve not blogged as consistently the past two months (thanks for your patience).

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