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Buddhist Hello everyone, I'm on here hoping to find 'the one' I guess we all are really.

I have two jobs so, am pretty full on with work most of the time & means I'm not really wanting to travel far on my little bit of precious time off, so, thank you all who have messaged me but you have probably gone ...

It was easy to talk about what I did for a living and what I wanted to do in the future. This kind of communication, however, sometimes breeds a false sense of connection with a person we’ve never met.

It’s a defense mechanism I am sure, and the response to my wariness was very telling in each person’s personality.

No, it's not me, but I'm trying :) Rather listener than talker.

Buddhist Social misfit seeks other for awkward silences, stilted conversation and lots of shoe staring, if this is you then please get in touch.

I have been described as a wit, raconteur, actor, poet, lover mainly by me.

For some reason everything in my brain seemed to flow so much smoother when I had the chance to write it out rather than talk about it.

In this texting and social media age, not only do we have the opportunity to gather our thoughts in writing, but we have the immediate gratification of being able to get a response or reaction rather quickly.

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