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If a digital stalker like Rachel’s has access to your computer they have the power to switch on your webcam to spy on you, operate your keyboard, view emails and access your personal files.While the RAT virus might sound like science fiction, countless women have fallen prey to it including myself.Sometimes they want to gain access to bank accounts or similar information but often the reasons are not financially motivated.“Stalkers usually suffer from a personality disorder and are delusional.They have an obsessive nature too,” explains Jennifer.“They search for information to find out where we go, how we feel and the identity of friends and family.Take Rachel Hyndman, a 21-year-old student from Glasgow, who discovered she was being spied on in her home by an online Peeping Tom.She noticed her webcam had switched itself on while she was in the bath.A hacker had accessed her computer via a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) virus which often appears in an email as an advertising mailout.

Which is fabulous when you live in Chicago and are able to Skype-interview for a job in New York City so you don't have to fly all the way there for an hour of conversation. We hit up You Tube beauty gurus Michelle Phan, Nicola Chapman (of Pixiwoo fame), and Deepica Mutyala for their freshest, most video-worthy tips — the ones that are most likely to help you get hired.

Obviously they target men and they really seem to understand how to play to a man’s personality so it is probable that it isn’t even a women.

They start a conversation and one thing leads to another then eventually they ask for some money.

First when you receive a contact request just right click on the person and view their profile. It might be tough for some to do something normally considered rude, but if someone starts chatting with you for no reason just tell them you aren’t interested and block them.

If it says Ghana then decline and block that person.

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