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When Figueroa gave birth to their first child in 1981, Castro's behavior changed radically and he became controlling and abusive.

He would force her to stay at home, and selected the places she could shop in and even the programs that she could watch on TV, beating her whenever she strayed from his instructions.

A few weeks later, she began to have seizures, and was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain that had hardened into a malign tumor.

On December 26, Castro came home drunk and attacked Figueroa again. ran out to get help and Castro ran after him, a moment that Figueroa used to lock him outside and call the police.

Castro learned of their relationship the year after, when one of his daughters called him from Colon's home, and he became furious.They moved with their four children to 2207 Seymour Drive in 1992.After arriving, Castro padlocked every door in the house and started working in the basement, where he installed a heavy trapdoor and added curtains and layers of bricks to soundproof it.In 1962, Rodriguez discovered that her husband was married to another woman, with whom he had four children; he abandoned Rodriguez to live with his second family.Shortly after, Rodriguez moved to work in Pennsylvania and left her four children in Puerto Rico, where they were cared by their maternal grandmother, Hercilia Carabello.

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Figueroa became pregnant again and Castro, not wishing to have more children, unsuccessfully tried to induce a miscarriage by punching and kicking her in the belly.

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