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Interestingly, this same ad points to an important fact about cyberstalking; it is often perpetrated not by strangers, but by someone you know.It could be an ex, a former friend, or just someone who wants to bother you and your family in an inappropriate way.Most important, don't be afraid to report cyberstalking to the police.Many police departments have cybercrime units, and cyberstalking is a crime.The first Chat occurs on October 6 and covers the STOP. Check-out the following: For other useful resources including everything from Tip Sheets to Studies to Infographics, check out the Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resources page.As my Tip of the Week contribution to Cyber Security Awareness month, I give you this short video on how to craft a strong password using the Kaspersky Strong Password Check tool.

It's important that we not devalue the serious nature of the crime of cyberstalking by using the term incorrectly.

Tell them never to indicate their real name, school, address, or even the city where they live.

Phone numbers are not to be distributed online, and if a stranger contacts them via any method, they need to let you know right away.

How Cyberstalking Harms Cyberstalking can be terribly frightening.

It can destroy friendships, credit, careers, self-image, and confidence.

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A recent television commercial for a major cellular provider depicts a young woman spying on her crush through his bedroom window while she monitors his online activities on her cell phone.

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  1. Other reasons include financial independence, materialism and peer pressure where students feel the need to have what their friends have, he said.