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In other words, it is a chatroom where you can chat as your avatar with your (avatar) friends. So yes, it can track you laughing or frowning and the friends you’ve invited in the chat room will see your true reaction.You can choose from 15 sets, invite your friends for a chat and even record and share online the video. Avatar Kinect will be available this spring for FREE for all Xbox Live Gold members.Most users of video chat like that would be a picture of a friend was as much as possible and clearly, because it look much more realistic and provides an opportunity to consider all the details.However, in some cases it is necessary to hold a conversation in a very small window, which would occupy minimal space on your computer screen.But it turns out that the facial-recognition software does use the color camera, according to this Microsoft factsheet (.docx).

If you turn the lights down low, it will have more trouble identifying you.For a better understanding watch the video from CES 2011 where Avatar Kinect was introduced.httpv://v=z8Me HNCs MKYWhat do you think about Avatar Kinect? What do you think about the new functionality: facial expressions tracking?The CES event brought some light into what Avatar Kinect is and we definitely like the findings!Avatar Kinect is a new way to socialize on Xbox with the use of Kinect.

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Yesterday, Gamespot shook up the tech blogosphere a bit with its account of two dark-skinned employees not being automatically recognized to log in to their Xbox accounts.

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