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The HIV prevalence in Kenya's North Eastern Province, where Dadaab is located, is about 1 percent, much lower than the national average of 7.4 percent.

Nevertheless, experts say interventions to reduce the population's vulnerability to HIV are important.

"When a customer comes, we take him in as if he is going to choose the best miraa, then we negotiate and have sex.

We charge them about 200 Kenya shillings [US.15]." With close to 470,000 residents, Dadaab is bursting at the seams.

The condo’s owner told police that the cameras — there was a second one in the living room — were put in place to record his personal sex parties and that the people at these parties had consented.

Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but the guests who spotted the camera certainly didn’t consent to being filmed, and the police have a pretty good question about the filming of these sex parties: “If people are consenting to recording sexual activity why is [the camera] hidden in a smoke alarm?

"If anybody knew that we were [selling sex], they would scald us with hot water.

In our culture, that is punishable by death," she said.

Here’s a fun hypothetical: Suppose you’re celebrating New Years in your Airbnb, possibly with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and realize that someone has been secretly filming you remotely on a live security camera that’s pointed right at the bed.

He took it down and realized immediately that the black hole was actually a camera, and that it was recording onto an SD card — while pointing directly at their bed.

They immediately called the police to report the unauthorized surveillance.

"The fact that HIV prevalence is low doesn't mean you say let us rest and forget about HIV." A 2010 HIV Behavioural Surveillance Survey conducted by the UN Refugee Agency and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development in Dadaab found that 7 percent of male respondents and 3 percent of female respondents reported symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection - which increases susceptibility to acquiring and transmitting HIV - in the past year.

The BSS found that 3 percent of sexually active respondents reported transactional sex for money, gifts or favours.

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