Referenced dlls not updating

If you missed it previously, you may want to check out the managed code series for a look on how to create managed code projects.

However, the reference to assembly B is not being updated in solution when I update the code in project B, even though I am making sure that I recompile the code in project B and then in project A.

By default, the AOS runs in 1 App Domain which means you need to restart the AOS server to get the new assembly.

But, in a developer environment you may be recompiling your assembly a lot, so to avoid having to restart your AOS constantly, hotswapping was enabled for the AOS. You should definitely never enable hotswapping in a production environment!

However, the date modified for the dll and pdb file in A are not updated.

I have made sure that the dll for solution B referenced in the .refresh file for project A is pointing to the correct location.

Also remember you don't have to explicitly add your Visual Studio's project as a reference in the AOT. This includes the X source, the X p-code, and the X compiled IL.

The fact that it is an AOT VS project makes it available as an implicit reference anywhere in X . These compiled pieces are versioned, and the AOS will download newer versions of the X assemblies to it's server bin/Xpp IL folder, including the PDB files so you can debug that X running in the CLR using Visual Studio.

In the "Output" section you can give the path of bin folder of your project A in "Output Path" textbox.Compared to AX 2009, assemblies in AX 2012 work a bit differently.One of the obvious differences is the introduction of visual studio projects.So, for anyone who has dealt with VS projects in previous versions, please don't copy assembly DLLs into your BIN directories.It will deploy automatically, refresh automatically, and load automatically.

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