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Understanding that they will die, the twins finally experience fear for the first time - the ultimate goal of their "project". For the past several years, London On Da Track has been one of the mad scientists bringing Trap anthems to life in the lab.

Meanwhile, Jonah falls in love with another student named Eve.

Lampkin summons the twins for interrogation, but they maintain their innocence.

It is also revealed that Lampkin is a haunted man, traumatized by his inability to save his beloved wife from a house fire.

While the Detroit producer choses to select only one record for his assignment, London throws on the customary blindfold and picks out three random records from the aisles of the record store.

After doing some digging in the crates sans the gift of sight, London heads back to the studio with records from Phyllis Hyman, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Jesse Saunders in hand.

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When a dozen things are going on but the actual details of the plan aren't reliant on each item fortuitously fitting into place, then it is just a regular Gambit Pileup.

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