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I'm unfamiliar with Sophos Endpoint Security and have taken over a client who is using version 9.5.

The Sophos server appears to be updating without issues, but the clients are unable to receive the new updates from the server.

The only approach that gives you a proper installer package is via Sophos Enterprise Console running on a Windows server.

(Can't remember exact path but if you browse through the folders it should be under a folder called "saas". 3) Made a of the plists left in /Library/Preferences (excluding the apple plist) 4) Made a new Composer dmg including these 2 packages in the folder /private/tmp 5) Ran a script after installing the dmg (which dumps the 2 .pkg's into /private/tmp), which then calls the installer in the app and then applies the preferences for the cloud app: #!Im wonding if this is something to do with Windows and how many concurrent incoming connections are allowed at one time?Anyone else have any ideas on this matter or seen this issue before? If the Installation Deployer command is executed from root it will run without a GUI session and without needing additional authentication.So for ARD you could copy the Sophos standalone installer to a Mac, then remotely execute the Installation Deployer command.

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